When my OCD hurts you – I’m sorry.

My husband has been a little down today; he had nightmares last night. He wouldn’t tell me what they were because he knows I can’t handle it. Hearing or seeing horrific things is at times just too much.

When I need to talk, he is there. I wish I could be there and listen at times like these. I’m sorry. I’m just sorry.

2 thoughts on “When my OCD hurts you – I’m sorry.

  1. It sounds like you are working hard to be stronger and i am sure you will. You have a really spare and honest style and I really enjoyed reading your blog. I have been doing a little research on OCD after getting a question i couldn’t answer in the group on co-occurring disorders i do at a substance abuse treatment facility. He was wondering if opiates could cause it and i guessed it was more likely self medicating an already existing condition. Reading up on it I saw I was likely right as that is one of the treatment meds if conventional treatments come up blank. What hit home in my reading was its biological nature and that it is not much amenable to being helped by insight. Cognitive behavioral approaches are highly effective though and that is pretty much what i’ve seen in my clinical work. I was also struck on its connection to anxiety, the obsession creating anxiety and the compulsion relieving it. maybe its obvious but for an outsider i’d never really seen it that way. that’s what i’m going to focus on in my group. thanks for sharing and continued success with getting a handle on this thing.

  2. Thank you for your thoughtful comment. It really does bring me some light to read a comment like yours and I appreciate it.

    I think it’s awesome of you to learn about it, because not many people get what it’s like, so from where I am standing, it’s a big deal.

    I agree with you about the opiates. I can’t imagine Opiates causing OCD. I suppose OCD could be triggered by drug use perhaps, but in all likelihood, the disorder was always there to begin with.

    I am currently undergoing ACT. The therapy still incorporates exposures, but the focus is more on learning how to accept the thoughts. I’ve heard some great things about CBT as well.

    I’m glad you stumbled on to my blog. Keep in touch!

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