WAIT!!! A Letter of Compassion

I wrote a letter to myself. A letter to read when I get the urge to cut. Sometimes when we are desperate, sad and panicked, it’s easy to forget what we have learned to combat our OCD or other mental ailment. I wanted to share this letter.


Before you cut, remember you will feel better in the morning. Remember that although it would feel good right now, it won’t help you to feel better later.

This is the small part of you talking, asking to be heard. Asking for a chance. The small part that doesn’t want anymore scars, that wonders and hopes for a better life.

Remember that you want to move forward. That you want to wear swimsuits without fear.

Remember that this path is hard, but one you have never really tried, and it’s worth a shot to see if life will improve.

Remember to not feel ashamed of your past, to let it go and to experience the moment.

The biggest gift you can give yourself right now is a chance. Even if you think you don’t deserve it right now, give yourself a real chance because you deserve to try it. A chance at love, beautiful friendships, an fulfilling career, and pushing yourself. Give yourself a chance to heal.


Yes, the cravings are near unbearable, but teach yourself to live in the unpleasant present so you can be what you are meant to be…a healer, a lover, a fighter, a writer and a strong woman.