HOCD – Horrified to be gay (or straight).

I was trying to explain what this was like to a friend the other day, and it was a bit challenging.  Not only was I trying to simply define the term, I was trying to explain how I figured out I was bisexual despite my obsessions.  I came across this article that I’m not going to even try to sum up because it is THAT GOOD.

Click here to read “Sexual Orientation OCD, aka HOCD / Gay OCD – Part 1” by John Hershfield of the OCD Center, LA.

I learned a lot about myself from this piece and hope others find some interest as well.

6 thoughts on “HOCD – Horrified to be gay (or straight).

  1. I’m a bit confused. Are you saying that you discovered you were bisexual because you developed sexual orientation ocd, or are you trying to explain how you were able to discover your sexuality in spite of having OCD?

    • The latter, I discovered my sexuality in spite of having OCD. I experienced sexual obsessions so I was a bit confused at times about which of my thoughts were the real me and which were my OCD.

  2. Thanks for clarifying. I have OCD, and the theme that resulted in my diagnoses was a fear that I could be gay. In my case, the entire is fear is that I DON’T want to be with a man. Unfortunately, I ran out of Paxil a few days ago and won’t be able to get more tomorrow, so I’m a bit jittery right now. Your post did startle me slightly, but then again so would just about anything.

    • To clarify my post, my fear is being gay is that I don’t want to be with a man, not that I’m afraid that I won’t want to be.

  3. Running out of medicine is scary, but in the mean time, if I could offer some advice, maybe try some home remedies. I’ve written about some like Kava Kava (just do some research to make sure there are no drug interactions with Paxil, if you do try some home treatments).

    And remember that OCD is not YOU.

    Relax as much as you can until your routine gets back to normal. Take care.

  4. I know this is a very old post but i don’t understad what you are trying to say in the video maybe is because my native language is not english. You say you are bisexual but you had hocd and later you realize that the toughts of being with girls o guys didn’t bother you so what were you afraid of and what was that you obsessed about??

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