“I’m so OCD about cleaning”…Shut the fuck up!

When I hear someone describe a trait with OCD as an adjective, I get a little sick to my stomach. I think it’s because hearing the term used in a way so carefree and ignorantly, just reminds me of the embarrassment I feel from my compulsions knowing that people just don’t understand. I know it’s not personal, which is why for a long time, when I heard someone use the word in that light, I just let it go. Lately, I’ve been “correcting” the person’s statement. It sure is awkward to do that, but I feel like I am standing up for myself.

2 thoughts on ““I’m so OCD about cleaning”…Shut the fuck up!

  1. I completely agree! I know people don’t mean harm by using it that way, but I really feel like it minimizes my struggle and the struggle of everyone else battling OCD. I recently started speaking up about it, too. I used to just let it go, but it bothers me more and more. So far, when I have explained it to people (It has been awkward!), they respond by saying that they had no idea that there was a difference between being anal retentive about things and having (though they still say “being”) OCD. Most people seem apologetic. I dunno. I hope that if enough of us continue to speak up, people will finally get it.

    So kuddos for standing up for yourself! Don’t back down!

  2. *explains to someone that she struggles with OCD*
    “Yeah I kind of have that too. Like, I hate when people wear navy blue and black.”
    Wow yes I can tell you know exactly how I feel. Fucking NOT.

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