Update to the Present Moment…extending my break

Hi y’all.  I mentioned in my last post I would be taking a break, and wanted to update you that I still need some time to find some inner truth, and that I will not be able to respond to most messages or comments at this time.  

Firstly, if I can respond with what I feel to be sound insight, I absolutely will.  Partly why I am taking a break is I am back in therapy for some issues I am not ready to disclose and these issues require all I have, which does not leave me much to give right now.  I feel incredibly vulnerable at the moment and must take care of myself.  

Secondly, I get many messages with inquiries regarding particulars I have already mentioned on my blog or in a video.  If you have a question, I encourage you to look around my blog and see if I have already covered it or if it’s in the comments sections.

Thank you for understanding.  I will be back and stay strong.