HOCD – Horrified to be gay (or straight).

I was trying to explain what this was like to a friend the other day, and it was a bit challenging.  Not only was I trying to simply define the term, I was trying to explain how I figured out I was bisexual despite my obsessions.  I came across this article that I’m not going to even try to sum up because it is THAT GOOD.

Click here to read “Sexual Orientation OCD, aka HOCD / Gay OCD – Part 1” by John Hershfield of the OCD Center, LA.

I learned a lot about myself from this piece and hope others find some interest as well.

When my OCD hurts you – I’m sorry.

My husband has been a little down today; he had nightmares last night. He wouldn’t tell me what they were because he knows I can’t handle it. Hearing or seeing horrific things is at times just too much.

When I need to talk, he is there. I wish I could be there and listen at times like these. I’m sorry. I’m just sorry.