OCD – Loneliness

OCD has been referred to as the “disease of doubt” and I think most of us understand on a visceral level why.  Our obsessive thoughts feel shameful to talk about and our compulsive behavior can range from annoying to humiliating. Before we even know what’s going on, we know that it’s irrational.  We hide, lie, escape and do anything we can to get our minds to calm down.  This can create a very lonely environment.  Really, it comes down to the fact that so much of the time we feel like no one understands because we wish we didn’t.

I feel lonely a lot.  I am not one to call a friend when I need to talk, and although I’m extroverted in a lot of ways, I find it hard to make an effort to be social because making connections is still very scary.  Though, feeling lonely is unpleasant and I def. do not like it, I believe I am not alone.  

Writing on this blog, I have discovered a community where we can share, support each other, and remind ourselves that although it may feel like it, we are not truly alone.  We understand each other, and we share the same goal of wanting our lives to improve.  They will 🙂

We may not feel normal, and we may try to keep our secrets hidden, but we are not alone.  We need to remember that, because it is when we suffer alone that we truly suffer.


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