I am really excited to announce that I will be speaking for a TEDx talk!  I will be telling my story with OCD and sharing a lot of the lessons that have come with the journey.  I will keep you all posted and of course, if anyone has any ideas or things they would like me to include, let me know 🙂  

4 thoughts on “OCD TEDx Talk

  1. Hi, I just happened to stumble across your blog as I was searching for information to help calm myself down from one of my OCD freakouts (I suffer from “Hit and Run OCD”). I look forward to watching your TED Talk and thank you for helping others and myself in dealing with OCD!

    • Thank you Ronald! I am glad you came across my blog and hope you find this community helpful. I also had trouble with the “hit and run” ocd. I still am not very fond of freeways. Just commit to not quitting and keep trying. Things will get better.

      Stay strong!

  2. Hey, I also stumbled across your site and look forward to your ted talk. I don’t know much about you, but did you ever experience that feeling of hopelessness and that your ocd is worse than anyone else? My ocd had kind of just controlled my perspective on life.

    • Thank you Elliot! Yes, I most definitely had moments where I felt hopeless and desperate. The medical community at one point seemed to give up on me and I felt really alone, but I couldn’t quit because I felt too much like there were two voices in my head: the ocd voice and my voice. The ocd voice was in charge, but i could still hear my own a little bit. remember there will be good days and bad days and you have to commit to not quitting. Remember that things can get a lot better. Stay strong and keep swimming 🙂

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