OCD – Journaling

Regarding the journaling exercise I mentioned…do not use the emotions: happy, sad, or mad. They are too broad and basic.

5 thoughts on “OCD – Journaling

  1. Hey thanks for info on this vid. I went out and got a journal and wrote quite a bit at first time and then realised that i knew id lose track of my thoughts (as we all have too many trying to come through at once) so i made a list of what stuff i want to write down. It is kind of a relief already to be honest that i can finally get these thoughts out my head without feeling shame of telling someone and can reflect on what i felt when i wrote them. Normally im a computer person but trying the paper approach as its different to my normal life… now i feel like sebastian from the movie cruel intentions haha. Thanks again as always Julia 🙂 and you should write a self help book as this page and your vids are like a bible at the moment haha 🙂

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