4 thoughts on “OCD – Stigma

  1. Hi Julia, your last three installments really hit home with me ( holidays,beating yourself up and stigma) I am 50, have been ocd since I was 4 or 5? Always accepted it ” as me”, until I heard I wasn’t alone. So far, diet and exercise ( lots of exercise) have been my best tools in fighting it. On the other hand, I consider myself ” special” , I didn’t choose to be this way, so I smile and deal with it, I spend more energy ” dealing with it” than most people spend just “being normal”, I am very strong, creative, intelligent and yes very sensitive. Im not ashamed of it, I am proud to be a functionable parent and part of my community, I actually laugh at myself ( mostly my self-predictability), thanks again, you connect wirh me with every installment, sincerely Dave

  2. Hi I’m Anna.
    I becoming olfactory reference syndrome.
    So, wanna talk about the symptoms!
    Please send e-mail to me.

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