2 thoughts on “Disassociation and Depersonalization

  1. I have experienced this since I was a child, I tried to explain it to my mother once, and was ridiculed for being ” weird”, I still get lost when looking in a mirror, or standing in line at grocery store or even sitting at a traffic light. I can usually snap out of it right away. Always thought it was a defense mechanisim protecting me from extreme anxiety onset? It’s uncomfortable for me, very isolated and impersonal. If it does happen when im around other people ( not sure about that?) Its effect on me is not the same? once again I veiwed your diary Installment with goosebumps, sincerely Dave

    • It’s so hard to sad to hear of things like that. I know what you mean and how it feels when you open up about your feelings and experiences as a kid, only to be put down. Definitely makes ya think twice before sharing those feelings again… What I am learning right now is that it is ok for me to feel and that even if it seems “stupid” or “abnormal” for me, I just remember I probably heard someone say that to me as a kid. We learned those harsh statements we say to ourselves somewhere, right? But, they are not right! You are a strong person and with the OCD and dissociation, you are still worthy of compassion. Show yourself compassion if you can; it will go a long way! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gm1TGnPq4Cg

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