11 thoughts on “OCD and Relationships Video

  1. So glad you’re back! It was your post on OCD & PMS that started getting me thinking about my own cycle, hormones and the increase in compulsive skin picking around my menses, and since then I have gotten medical help for it. Thank you so much for that post.

    “Don’t get trapped in it, there’s a world out there.” Yes, it is too easy to become obsessive about our own OCD. I was very hesitant to even start a blog about the condition – besides worrying about what other people would think of me, I was also concerned that thinking about it too much would serve to enable my behavior, if that line of thinking makes sense.

    I also recently wrote a post about compulsive skin picking and new relationships, but I admire how you dove into the subject here by reflecting on your relationship with your ex husband. I agree – two-way communication is vital to every relationship.

    Wishing you the best, can’t wait to see more posts from you soon.

    • thanks Veva! I know exactly what you mean in regards to your fears about starting a blog. I had the same ones! im so glad to read that you have gotten some medical help for your hormones and such. Thats great! I took some time off from my blog due to some major life changes, but im back now and working on some new big things that youll see shortly 😉

  2. HI! I’ve had OCD for such a long time. I’m sixteen years old. I know that’s young for many people struggling with OCD but it is by no means, any less intense. I’m too stubborn to take medicine and I’ve only gone to one therapist and they made me feel worse. They made me feel like a total freak. They alienated me in every way possible and made me sound insane. So I don’t believe in counseling or therapy. And that’s so hard when you’re a junior in high school for people to make you feel like a freak.
    I had one of my sh*ttiest moments the other day when I was doing one of my compulsions in class and I looked to my right and saw people imitating me and laughing. I started feeling so much like a freak. I still do.
    I’ve struggled with almost all of the things you’ve discussed in your blog. Most of them I can tie back to my OCD. I want to say thank you for sharing your story because it’s blogs like these that encourage me and make me feel a little less strange knowing other people are dealing with it too. This month I plan to fight my OCD. Please pray for me. I’m praying for you too.

    • Hi Faith. Kids in school are just plain mean sometimes. The sad truth is usually the mean kids are mean because their parents really suck. No excuse for them to be cruel of course. The good news is school doesnt last forever, and things will get easier. Its so unfortunate your therapist was so rude to you. I’ve had a couple rude and judgmental ons too and it’s terrible. Therapists are just like people though, some good and some bad. You sounds very articulate and intelligent and it’s so great you are working on things! That’s how they get better 🙂 stay strong!

  3. I happened across “my ocd diary” in my self search for answers. You are very Inspiring to me. I am 49, been ocd all my life? Ultimately it ended my 20+ year marriage. I finally seeked help at that time. My health insurance changed as did the quality of doctors I was offered. I discovered at this time also that physical activity helps more than the meds. I can identify the intruding thoughts usually before they manipulate my mind. I crave chocolate and sugar at this time. I took up running, working out and cycling, and honestly believe it saved my life. The energy I use controlling it, the constant isolation that I have always felt is still there, the feeling that my mind is going to explode from overload is still there. The general misunderstanding of this disorder ( even my own) frustrates me beyond belief. I’ve always ( even now) believe this is me, who I am. I actually thought everyone felt like this. Your amazing, keep it up, what you do is helping me, and I’m sure others also, sincerely Dave

    • Thank you Dave, I appreciate your message. It sounds like you are motivated to get better, and that’s exactly what it takes! I used to crave sugar like crazy! Especially, when I quit eating it. Sugar is a very real toxin and cause of anxiety and I strongly suggest going off of all refined sugar. The first 2 weeks will be very hard, but it does get easier. It took a month, but I started to notice a significant change. After three months, I noticed even more change. Now if I cheat and have sugar, I get soooo anxious and paranoid; it’s quite interesting. Here is a study on how sugar can cause anxiety: http://www.hypoglycemia.asn.au/2011/obsessive-compulsive-disorder-and-nutrition/

  4. Hi, that artical you linked me to was very interesting. I’ve wondered about sugar for years. What about the sugars in fruit, I eat a lot of fruit. I have changed my diet a lot during the last two years. But sugar is my “only” vice left. Do you consume caffine? I limit myself to black tea in the,morning only. I just have discovered your diary, so I am getting caught up. Marijuana use caught my attention, I smoked a lot of pot when I was a teenager ( haven’t in 26 years though), I crave it sometimes, triggered by my memories of what I liked about it. Thinking back, I was too high strung and naturally wired all the time and pot brought me down to where all my peers seemed to be ( normal) since finding your” diary”, my perception of my issues has changed. And my priorities are becoming more clear to me. Proverbial ” one day at a time” is ringing in my head, thanks again, sincerely Dave

    • Thank you Dave. Personally, I avoid honey, maple, rice syrup, juice, corn syrup, cane, agave, table sugar, all fruits except berries, apples and dried apricots due to their low glycemic index which means they dont spike your blood sugar. I do not “count” the lactose sugar in dairy products. I try to keep my sugar to 11g or less a day which is quite a challenge because sugar is in everything! bread, pasta sauce, cured meats… i also drink coconut water. Actually all i drink is decaf tea, water and coconut water. as a sugar substitute i use xylitol, which is a natural calorie free sweetener and in my opinion much better tasting than stevia. i cannot drink caffeine and havent since i was 16. it activates my thyroid and creates anxiety. my diet is very strict, and i can say without a doubt that sugar is by far the most potent and symptom inducing food i avoid. it does take a good 1-3 months off it completely to see a difference. at first, going off of it, i thought it made no difference and i craved it like mad. i dont crave it now, which for a long time seemed unbelievable. sometimes i get a little down because i feel like i need a vice and i just want ice cream or a brownie, but it does get easier over time and im learning to get on by without a vice, but i am for sure going to have a small bite of cake on my birthday 😉 to me, giving up food was difficult because i love it so much, but i thought, if doing this cures my ocd, its soooo worth it! now, i dont miss sugar because i see it as a poison. i know how it makes me feel and i dont even want it because i associate it with ocd. remember, everything you eat either contributes to your health or destroys it.

      stay strong! and thanks again for messaging.

  5. I have sufferd with OCD for a while.I just lost the girl of my dreams.And I am severely depressed and anxious. I want to throw in the towel,I want to end it,but I know I am better than that,

    • You are so much better than that. Another girl will come along for you. And your OCD can improve. Just keep going!

    • Time and space are all I know of to alleviate a broken heart. Just give it some more time! I know how much anxiety and depression kick in when life really sucks, but you must have faith that life will get better.

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