3 thoughts on “HOCD video 2

    • thats is one of the best questions i have ever been asked on this subject. I really wish I had an answer for you that was just as good. I think firstly that it’s a situation very similar to the “dont look down” scenario. You can’t help but look down or think about looking down. In short, what you are not supposed to do ends up consuming you. I would apply a technique I learned in therapy that I like to call ‘river thinking’. Imagine that your thoughts are maple leaves and these leaves are falling from a tree into the river of your mind. You can either pick one up or let it float on by. Here’s an example:

      thought: “i am stupid”
      1. observe the thought without judgment (i just had a thought….”)
      2. not always, but chances are if you just think of the thought as a chemical reaction in your brain and dont judge it, it will kinda go away. it may not, but it might.
      3. acknowledge that the thought, like a maple leaf in a river, may come back around.

      the key is to not give the thought any more value than it has. treat it as just a thought without any more meaning than that.

      and also know, that this happens to everyone. at some point for everyone, a thought they’d rather not have will pop into their head during sex. it is really frustrating, but the more we think its a big deal, the more we focus on it.

      and like the “dont look down” scenario, it can either go “o no, i shouldnt look down, but what if i do? i want to, but i wont. i cant stop thinking about this”


      “i shouldnt look down. ok, the thought of looking down just popped in my head. its a thought. just a thought.”

      another way to see it is putting your hand in front of your eyes. all you can see is your hand. now, put that same hand a foot away, now you can see it as a hand, but a part of your whole world. just like a thought, if you get absorbed in it and its all you can think of, it becomes your world, but if you acknowledge that its a thought, a part of

  1. As someone who identifies as bisexual and has OCD I have had incessant obsessions over the years of whether I’m just really straight or really gay. It gives me so much anxiety, obviously and no matter who I date, man or woman, somehow affects the dating process. It also makes me feel like I’ll never have solid ground to stand on or I’m always somehow proceeding in the wrong direction or in denial either way. Is this something you’ve ever struggled with and do you have any suggestions? I’ve been dating and talking to this girl for the past four months, we get along really well, but my obsessions have really taken a toll on things. Analyzing the relationship, analyzing my sexuality, analyzing who I really am etc.

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