Does OCD Go Away?

I have had OCD my whole life; in fact I really can’t imagine life without it.  As my previous posts state, things are mostly under control, but it’s still a part of me.  Some people, however get OCD later in life.  Most researchers say that this is not a sudden affliction, but rather something has triggered what was always there.  I recently came across an article about a book called, Saving Sammy, that details the story of a mother whose child suddenly experiences OCD symptoms at age ten.  He is later cured after a year of antibiotics when they learn of his strep (PANDAS).

These “triggers” that set off OCD always seem to involve a stressful event or situation like pregnancy, divorce, moving, college, etc…

I think for some people OCD can go away, but for others it can be there for life.  I don’t feel one way about this or the other because really, whether OCD is in me or out, I will strive to make the best of my situation.

2 thoughts on “Does OCD Go Away?

  1. OCD is never going to go away. As you grow older you will learn to deal with it & to make it not bother you with your everyday life. You will be able to understand how to block out your OCD but it wont go away, just lessen.

    • Hi Kayla,

      My OCD is mostly gone now, though the issues that predisposed me to it are still hanging out. It might always be a part of me in some way, but we just gotta keep swimming 🙂

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